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Ukrinterenergo was established in January 1993 with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of Ukraine’s foreign economic activities in the power sector.

The company’s foundation was caused by the necessity to provide efficient foreign economic activities and transition of a powerful energy complex inherited by Ukraine from the former Soviet Union to market economy.

Ukrinterenergo’s scope of activities covers:
- management of projects in the power engineering field;
- ensuring the export of Ukrainian energy complex products;
- bringing modern technologies and equipment to Ukraine;
- generation of electric and heat power;
- export and transit of electric power.

Owing to the wide application of marketing technologies, optimization of the main business processes, continuous improvement of the company’s structure, high proficiency and many years’ experience of its employees,
SFTC Ukrinterenergo has managed to achieve significant results both in Ukraine and abroad.

On the credit side of Ukrinterenergo there should be mentioned the participation in large-scale power projects’ construction in Vietnam: North-South power transmission line (500 kV, 1500 km long) in tropical conditions, several hydro power plants: 150 MW Thac Mo HPP, 720 MW Yali HPP, 72 MW Can Don HPP, 51 MW Srok Phu Mieng HPP, as well as the renewal and modernization of the main equipment of Thac Ba HPP (108 MW, with the capacity increase to 120 MW).

At the internal market Ukrinterenergo directly participates in satisfying the demands of Ukrainian fuel and energy complex in state-of-the-art equipment. Here are a few examples of that:

Jointly with Energomashengineering Consortium and Burshtyn TPP, SFTC Ukrinterenergo has successfully completed the delivery, erection and commissioning of prototype model of Ukrainian precipitator for boiler of unit No 11 of Burshtyn TPP. Energomashengineering Consortium has developed this new generation precipitator, and Scientific Research, Design and Survey Institute Lvivteploelectroproekt has carried out the precipitator matching to the power unit cell.

Within the environmental direction, the Company in cooperation with its partners has executed works for technical re-equipment of unit boiler precipitators at the power units No 10 and No 9 of Burshtyn TPP, as well as of three precipitators of 7 case of boiler unit at the 800 MW Slovyanska TPP power unit.

Having won the tender for reconstruction and technical re-equipment of unit No 9 of Burshtyn TPP, Ukrinterenergo, jointly with OJSC LvivORGRES, Snabresurs Corporation (Russia), provided for successful performance of works under the contract. As a result of that, the power loading control performance of the unit has improved and its reliability has increased.

The company delivers electricity to the European countries, in particular to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and other.

Having direct consortium agreements with the Ukrainian and foreign energy machine building enterprises and following the regulations of the ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management System, Ukrinterenergo offers services of various complexity and within the time meeting the Customer’s requirements.
The Company’s management constantly cares about impeccability of Ukrinterenergo’s image, consistently implementing the concept of creating a reliable, financially powerful foreign economic company.

Ukrinterenergo is always open to mutually beneficial cooperation.